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Application development

Consulting and planning

Software planning, project management Hungary

To deploy or create a new software it is neccessary to plan precisely the workflow and the process of the development and deployment.

I can help you the following tasks:

  • Database planning,
  • Database optimization,
  • Technology selection,
  • Application integration,
  • Functional and non-functional requirement analysis.

What technology do I know, do I use?

Professional C# development, MSSQL database programming Hungary

Basically I use C# .Net and MS SQL database for application development.

Beside of this (depending on the task) I have experiences with:

  • Visual Basic 6,
  • VBA for Excel,
  • MySql,
  • Java,
  • Grails & Groovy.


Software development Nyiregyhaza

I work with fixed hourly rate and I calculate with the time needed for the development and deployment. There is no extra cost for the consultations, so feel free to tell me the problems and risks in your business process to make us able to solve it for you.

Test method

Usually the test plan is already created before the development. It helps us to ensure the stability of the application, to pre-test for you the application and to improve usability.

The first tests are done by the developer team and just after all tests are passed then a pre-production version is provided for the customer for user acceptance tests. For the user acceptance test the user guide is also done to help the testers.

In all cases I provide a test report about the results and a list about the bugs and functions to modify.


The payment is done just after the successful deployment except in long term projects.

1 year guarantee for all applications provided by me!

Web development

Webpage design Nyíregyháza

Full service from the beginning to the active website!

I manage for you:

  • the hosting service registration,
  • the reservation of a domain name,
  • webdesign creation,
  • webpage development,
  • deployment on the hosting service,
  • preload all data to the webpage before publication,
in a nutshell: everything that neccessary to create a successful webpage.

1 year guarantee for all webpage created by me!

I recommend you my service if:

  • you want to get new customers or build new business relations,
  • the excellent products or services provided by you should be advertised,
  • The most important for you is the quality and reliability.


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