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SM Smart Desk - A professzionális ügyfélkezelésért

What is it for?

The Smart Desk is a small tool to see immediately the related user profile of your customer when there is an incoming call on your phone. What were the last orders, what are the favorite products of your customer, etc.

How does it work?

The solution contains 2 parts. The first is a small Android application which is activated when you have an incoming call and send the caller phone number to the PC.

The second part is the PC application which receives the messages from your Android phone and display the customer data for you from the imported Excel sheet.

To make our phone able to communicate with the PC they must be on the same network, so you can use your wireless connection or even a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

How much does it cost?

You need to buy the licence for the PC application for each PC you want to use. So if you have 2 customer service desk with 2 PC, you need to buy 2 licence.

The price of a licence for a year is net 80 EUR / PC.

You can pay it in cash or by bank transfer.

How can I get it?

Please contact me by phone or email, I can send you the link for the download, and when the payment is arrived I will send you the activation code for it.

To activate the application the PC must have internet access. If you would like to transfer the licence from a PC to another you need to deactivate the previous licence before.

You can move your licence only once per 6 months, so if you need to move it more than this you can contact me to reenable the licence transfer.



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